The new awesome pickle mix

We just introduced the new and awesome Pickle Mix. At Ray’s Bagels we always try out new things and we encourage our staff to do the same.

Pickles and Sandwiches just belong together so we went on a search for the perfect pickle.

We tried many different pickles that were available locally but weren’t quite satisfied with the taste so we decided to make our own. As it turns out, it is very easy to make your own pickles. We went with the lacto-fermented pickling method since it is the most natural way of making pickles. In this method you do not use vinegar for the pickling but instead just salt, water and vegetables.

We cut up a selection of vegetables and submerged them in a light salt brine and waited a few days for the magic to happen. Over time the sugars will ferment naturally and create an acidic environment which will pickle the vegetables naturally. It has its own unique and tangy taste. 

A good explainer video on the subject came from Brad Leone on  Youtube (Credit to Bon Appetit Youtube channel) on how to make an italian pickle relish dish called Giardiniera . If you stop by try it out by ordering the Awesome Pickle mix as an extra topping on your bagel or as a small side dish. 

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