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    • Classic Bagels

      Our Classic Bagel selection offers the most popular bagels that we have created for you

    • Salmon Avocado Bagel


      The Salmon Avocado Bagel topped with smoked salmon, avocado slices,cucumber and garnished with our homemade honey mustard sauce

    • Cheese Turkey Bagel


      A bagel topped with cream cheese, fried turkey bacon, avocado&tomato slices and garnished with mustard butter

    • Easy Breakfast Bagel


      Perfect for a good breakfast. The Easy Breakfast Bagel topped with turkey bacon, fried egg and garnished with mustard butter

    • Tuna Melt


      Simple but delicious. The Tuna Melt with tuna and creamcheese.

    • BLT Bagel


      All Time Favorite BLT Bagel. Turkey Bacon with lettuce and tomato.

    • The Egg & Cheese Bagel


      Simple but deadly ! Topped with fried egg and cheese.

    • Turkey Combo Bagel


      The Big Bagel for the big hunger. Loaded with smoked turkey, turkey bacon, english cheddar, caramelized onions and smeared with mustard butter. Served with a side salad

    • Signature Bagels

      Our signature bagels are the champion of Bagels featuring our unique recipes and extra toppings.

    • Big Breakfast Bagel


      The Big Breakfast Bagel for the big hunger. Turkey Bacon, fried chicken, fried egg, tomatoes and mayo. This wont leave you hungry!

    • Salt Beef Melt Bagel


      This Bagel is close to our heart. It is topped with our own homemade Salt Beef, topped with delicious cheddar cheese, gherkins and caramelized onions. Served with a side salad

    • Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel


      The original Bagel. A delicious Bagel topped with lox and cream cheese.

    • Chicken Avocado


      A delicious serving of fried chicken breast with generous slices of avocado

    • Salads

    • Caesar Salad


      Lettuce, chicken, bacon and tomatoes. The classic favourite topped with homemade caesar dressing.

    • French Salad


      Our version of the famous salad from Nice, France. Tuna mixed with egg, olives, sweet corn, tomatoes and french herbs.

    • Pasta Salad


      An all time favourite  - pasta mixed with delicious toppings like feta, turkey, corn, gherkins and onion. You wont go hungry with this one.

    • Couscous Salad


      Healthy CousCous mixed with dates, mint and assorted nuts. This is a healthy and vegan alternative

    • After Bagel Treats

      After the Bagel, enjoy a delicious or a healthy treat

    • Homemade Yoghurt & Granola with Pomegranate


      Our homemade Granola with delicious yoghurt and Pomegranate Seeds and Cream. A healthy dessert for sure.

    • Homemade Yoghurt & Granola with Mango Cream


      Homemade Granola with Yoghurt and Mango Cream

    • Double Chocolate Sea Salt Muffin


      A delicious muffin with only the best ingredients - dark chocolate and sprinkles of sea salt

    • Iced Tea

      Our selection of delicious homemade ice-teas and unlimited coffee and other drinks.

    • Lemongrass & Jasmine Iced Tea


      Delicious and made from scratch in-house. Our mellow Iced Tea for those who love citrusy flavors.

    • Ginger & Honey Iced Tea


      Delicious and made from scratch in-house. Our spicy Iced Tea with an extra punch of ginger to wake you up or cure a cold. Your choice!