Shout out to HiFM Muscat for featuring us on their webpage

As a small business any kind of exposure you can get is important for you and your brand.  Therefore we want to thank the HiFM Muscat team for coming around and tasting our bagels and Salads. We are featured also on the web page of HiFM radio. If you want to read what they had to say about us then follow this link and check it out : http://www.hifmradio.com/trending/rays-bagels/

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Now introducing online orders&delivery with limited time discount of 15%

Thanks to the amazing team at Gloriafood.com , we now integrated online ordering to our website and Facebook page. It is very easy and optimized for desktop or mobile viewing. Just follow the button on our main page “Order Online” or click right here

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The whole team at Ray’s Bagels is very excited about this feature and we can’t wait for everyone to use it. Therefore we are offering a 15% limited-time discount on any online orders. Let us know if you like it! Your feedback is always welcome!!

We are still working out the details so we’ll call you back after your order and make sure everything went smoothly.

Additionally, we are offering deliveries as well within our vicinity for orders above 10 OMR.

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